Surv. Adegoke Adediji, (MNIS)

Deputy State Chair

A surveying and geoinformatics graduate of the Federal School of Surveying in Oyo (HND) and Nnamdi Azikiwe University in Awka (PGD).
Adegoke Samson Adediji was born in the year 1990 in the heart of Lagos (Shomolu), attended St. John Primary School, Idi-Oro, Mushin, and Igbobi College in Yaba for his senior secondary school certificate, and then HND and PGD.
His working experience is far and wide within the country as he has been a part of the following survey and GIS firms: Polaris DigiTech, Site and Service, and Digital Mapping of Nigeria. After his service year at the Office of the Surveyor General, Abia State, he got employed at the Office of the State Surveyor General, Lagos State, in the year 2015, and he worked there for more than 5 years at various units, which included the front desk unit, the charting unit, the litigation unit, and finally the investigation unit before he resigned.
He is the managing director of Samday GeoServices, as well as an executive partner at Lebotas Survey Consultant and GeoReel Builds.He is also the deputy coordinator of FIG YSN Lagos.
Outside the surveying world, he is an enthusiast for God and also a young active citizen of Junior Chambers International, where he has been the director of finance, general secretary, and general legal counsel of JCIN FSSOyo at the collegiate level, chairman of travels and tours (2019), director of special duties (2020), and director of brands and communications of JCI Ikeja at the city level.